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New Jersey Dental Association

For over 135 years, the NJDA has been working hard to set standards among the professional denta...

One of New Jersey's oldest professional organizations, the New Jersey Dental Association (NJDA) was established in 1870. Its membership numbers more than 4,700 and comprises two-thirds of New Jersey's dental professionals. The state's first Board of Dental Examiners, which screens dentists to ensure their knowledge and abilities, was formed by the NJDA. Throughout the years, the NJDA has worked with the state government, the private sector and the medical community to ensure quality dental care for New Jersey's residents as well as the highest standards for the dental profession. The NJDA is based in North Brunswick, and has been a constituent of the American Dental Association since 1948. NJDA members also belong to their local dental societies, most of which operate at the county level.

NJDA Annual Convention

Each year, the NJDA hosts a dentistry convention in Atlantic City. Particular focus at the convention is given to cutting-edge dental technology and, for that reason, an exhibit floor is set aside where more than 150 dental-industry companies exhibit the latest in dental products innovation, dental supplies and practice management assistance. Additionally, the convention features more dental-focused CE courses in one place than any other event in New Jersey.


The NJDA uses a number of publications to keep its members and the dental community fully updated on the latest news and developments in the dental profession. The association's quarterly Journal focuses specifically on member-related and clinical articles and features, as well as the latest topics in dentistry, and news from practices around the state. The monthly newsletter Capsule keeps members informed on the latest regulatory and legislative news, as well as updates on benefits for dental plans and managed care issues. Meanwhile, the website is an outstanding dental society website with a private, password-protected area for members.

Continuing Education & Mentoring Program

Enrolling in at least 40 hours of continuing education courses every two years is a requirement for all practicing dentists in New Jersey, and the NJDA's efforts are aimed to support dental professionals' pursuit of continuing education. The NJDA hosts many CE courses throughout the year for both members and non-members. Additional NJDA courses are geared towards dental auxiliaries and office staff as well. Everything from clinical to management issues are covered in NJDA's courses, ensuring that all dental professionals -- from assistants to surgeons -- can benefit from the association's CE offerings.

The NJDA also participates in a mentoring program in conjunction with the UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School. It's a student-driven program in which students themselves reach out to professionals in the dental community who specialize in the student's field of interest. Mentors can give real-world clinical advice and solutions, applicable to students' dentistry studies.