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Arizona Dental Association

The AzDA consists of three component dental societies that help promote oral health awareness th...

Established in 1909, the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) is the state's leading professional organization for promoting oral health awareness among the general public. Directing efforts through education, research and the development of dental practice standards, the AzDA strives to further issues of ethics, science, professional advancement and oral-health advocacy across the state. The Association's mission includes establishing the highest standard of dental care for the public and inspiring members in the pursuit of professional excellence through education, leadership, and communications.

The Arizona Dental Association is one of 53 constituent societies of the American Dental Association (ADA), and represents over 82 percent of all licensed dentists in Arizona, comprising a total of 2,600 members from every dental specialty. AzDA is divided into three component societies from different geographical sections of the state: Central Arizona Dental Society, Northern Arizona Dental Society and Southern Arizona Dental Society.

AzDA Services

AzDA provides valuable pre-screening of dental products and services for its members, and engages in endorsement relationships with quality companies that will produce royalty revenues and new sources of non-dues revenue. AzDA members can take advantage of a wide variety of services, from the full spectrum of dental insurance offerings (auto, life, disability, small group health, workers compensation, etc.), financial services (credit card processing, collection services, financial planning, etc.), and dental products intended for office and patient support (sterilization monitoring, furnishings, imaging supplies, etc.). Member practices can, therefore, benefit from AzDA-endorsed support in every facet of practice and office management.

The Arizona Relief Fund

The AzDA Relief Fund provides financial aid to dentists and their dependents, including surviving dependents of deceased dentists. Funds are awarded in cases of misfortune, age, or physical or other disabling conditions. All funding requires approval of the Council on Membership & Membership Services. A portion of all contributions is forwarded to the American Dental Association Relief Fund.

Arizona Dental Foundation

Since 1991 the Arizona Dental Foundation (ADF) has assisted AzDA members in meeting their educational and career objectives. The ADF has made significant contributions to the oral health of Arizona's citizens, including building a professional oral hygiene school facility, the Rio Salado College School of Dental Hygiene, in 1998 in response to AzDF member dentists' need for more qualified dental hygienists. The program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the ADA. The Foundation has also implemented a hands-on special needs program to train dentists in the unique challenges of serving developmentally disabled children. As a component society of the ADA, the AzDA takes part in the annual Give Kids a Smile program which provides free dental care to underserved children. Through fundraising drives, volunteer support and quality education programs, the association has also stepped up its efforts to provide free care to children, elderly and special needs populations from low-income communities.