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Academy of General Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry works with dentists worldwide to promote the importance of oral...

Based in Chicago, the Academy of General Dentistry is committed to the educational and practical needs of general dentists worldwide. Its mission includes representing the interests of general dentists, promoting oral health and fostering continuing education for general dentists in order to better serve the public. In a number of ways, the AGD aims to evaluate and improve the quality and delivery of comprehensive dental care services. AGD is also actively involved in raising issues of well-being as they relate to better oral health among the general population.

The local constituents of Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) are based at the state, local and military levels. There are 62 constituents spread out over 20 regions, which serve as the local link between the AGD and the constituent members. The constituents' websites are also used as a tool to educate the public and consumers about the AGD and how it serves its members to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization. The programs and events administered at the local level within each region are largely geared towards helping AGD advance their professional and educational goals.

The AGD Foundation

The AGD Foundation's mission is to contribute to oral health awareness among the public and to help general dentists with financial support towards achieving their scientific, educational and charitable initiatives. The AGD also strives to empower those with disabilities to reach their full potential. To that end, the Foundation has partnered with Special Olympics to help identify providers of primary dental care for Special Olympics athletes. The AGD Foundation works with Special Olympics to provide dental screenings at Special Olympic events and in-office dental care for the athletes, their families and their caregivers.

Fellowship and Mastership Awards

Members of the AGD can earn Fellowship and Mastership awards, given to those who demonstrate dedication to their profession through advanced learning. Those who fulfill an AGD prescribed continuing education courseload and pass an Academy exam are eligible for the Fellowship. The Mastership is the next and highest award level, and involves a further stage of CE credits and an exam. To qualify for either award, a dental professional must be an AGD member in good standing for at least three years, in addition to fulfilling their coursework.

Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition

The Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition is reserved only for those who've achieved the Mastership. It is awarded to recognize those members who continue to volunteer professional services, act as leaders in the dental community and further their education.

Board Certification

Academy members who have earned either the Mastership or completed a General Practice Residency can apply for AGD Board Certification. Not only does Board Certification add to a dentist's profile and prestige, it can play a significant role in a dentist's potential for promotion in the academic, hospital or military fields.



The AGD maintains three publications:

AGD Impact - The monthly newsmagazine of the AGD. AGD Impact seeks to present in-depth coverage of key developments in dentistry, including critical dental practice management issues, and targeted reviews of the latest dental products and dental technology.

General Dentistry - The premier peer-reviewed journal of the AGD. General Dentistry is published bi-monthly, and its contents include the latest advances in science, pharmacology, dental materials and technology. In each issue, it offers the continuing education program, "Self-Instruction."   

Dentalnotes - A quarterly consumer newsletter intended to give patients dental health tips and news in advance of their appearing in newspapers and popular magazines. Each issue contains oral health articles of interest to the general public. Most articles are based on recent research and studies that appeared in recent issues of AGD Impact or General Dentistry.