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Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures - XETV San Diego Living

Dentures are a tried and true solution for replacing missing teeth. But recent advances have made dental implants increasingly popular . Find out what the differences are by watching Fred on "San Diego Living."

  Can't See the Video? Here's the Transcription:

Joe Bauer: Fascinating show today. Is your smile missing more than one pearly white? Fred Joyal is here, we're gonna help restore your smile and help you decide between dentures or implants and I don't even - I don't know the word denture, we just talked about anti-aging here whatnot. The word denture is old. I mean my, my parents had dentures okay? I remember my grandparents set em in a jar -

Fred Joyal: Absolutely.

Joe Bauer: And my grandfather was continually complaining that, "My dent fell," you know so nobody wants dentures any more.

Fred Joyal: And an awful lot of people have em or they have partials, they have some of their teeth that are missing and they'll put in something that's not a fixed tooth any more and it's really, it's not anywhere near the ideal and it used to be the only option. Now there's a much different option.

Joe Bauer: And that is -

Fred Joyal: Dental implants.

Joe Bauer: Okay.

Fred Joyal: They actually - and they've also, these have been around for about 20 years but they've really refined them so that they are put in much faster but it's, it fixes straight into the jawbone itself.

Joe Bauer: Well that brings in the fear factor for a lot of people though because oh, that just sounds like you know pain.

Fred Joyal: It does, it does but it's - the technology is so refined, a lot of dentists are using lasers as part of the process, some of em can even be done in one day. You can walk out with a completely fixed tooth right in that, right in the, where you may have been missing a tooth.

Joe Bauer: Now if I wanna find that dentist of course, where do I go?

Fred Joyal: Yeah, 1-800-DENTIST.

Joe Bauer: That's true, 1-800-DENTIST.

Fred Joyal: Because not every dentist does implants, it takes a lot more training than just dental school to do these things.

Joe Bauer: Hey, you know I - going on your website at, I find a dental encyclopedia.

Fred Joyal: Yes.

Joe Bauer: In there. I went to that and thanks a lot, the rest of my day was gone.  I just started reading up on everything and I went to the implants, I went to all that stuff and then you're right, then you gotta find - of course you're right, you're Fred Joyal, 1-800-DENTIST.

Fred Joyal: Yeah.

Joe Bauer: But to find the dentist that'll do what you want done, it's all, it's right there for you.

Fred Joyal: Yes.  We're trying to make it easy because that, that quest for the right dentist is not easy for people.  They have things they wanna ask about the dentist and that's why we have a 24-hour live phone room.  They can call and probe a little bit and find out which dentist really does what they want and they're going to be comfortable with.  And of course my guys, you know I've checked em out.  We screen our members really hard so that we know that you're gonna be happy going to them.

Joe Bauer: I have a sister in Seattle right?

Fred Joyal: Yeah.

Joe Bauer: I called her and I - because I had been on the website and I'm looking through and I said, "Hey," and I called my sister and said, "Do you have a dentist?" She said, "Well, I haven't been here long enough." You know she just moved and I said, "Well, 1-800-DENTIST." And so and she did, she went down and she did some research on it right? And I'm assuming, I haven't called her back yet, this has just been this past but I'm assuming that she made the right decision.

Fred Joyal: That's what people do.

Joe Bauer: Like everybody should.

Fred Joyal: They move and then they procrastinate. They wait 2, 3, 4 years and that's not really the idea with taking care of your teeth. You should love your dentist in my opinion because then you'll go regularly, which is the idea is to keep your teeth healthy the rest of your life, is to just be going on a consistent basis and you gotta be comfortable in the office.

Joe Bauer: Right, so love your dentist.

Fred Joyal: Yes.

Joe Bauer: Love your implant.

Fred Joyal: Yes.

Joe Bauer: All right and put it in, find out the right dentist to do it.  Also, you know what, you know people; you have friends and family who have just moved, just like I called my sister, that's a great idea.

Fred Joyal: Yeah.

Joe Bauer: Call them and tell them you know don't wait; because that's the problem when you wait isn't it? I mean everybody knows that, you put it off, that's probably the most procrastinated thing in your life is the teeth.

Fred Joyal: It's the easiest thing to just not get around to.

Joe Bauer: Yeah and then you're in real trouble afterwards.

Fred Joyal: You know if you wait for pain, then it's too late. A lot of people say well pain is when I'll go. That's the last point you should go.  You wanna go way before that to keep em healthy, to keep all your teeth so you don't necessarily need dentures but in the end, you don't want dentures anyway.

Joe Bauer: Well the fact that implants can be put in in one day is remarkable with all the new technology. So I mean there, and the, there's really, it's a painless experience these days really.

Fred Joyal: Well I wouldn't go so far as to say pain - you're not gonna get me to commit to painless.

Joe Bauer: Oh okay, okay.  Well I -

Fred Joyal: But there's a lot more comfort conscious dentistry.

Joe Bauer: Tell me, lie to me friend, tell me it's painless.

Fred Joyal: You won't feel a thing. There are you know there's obviously there's anesthetics, there's nitrous, there's all these things but the technology that they use is a lot less invasive most of the time and they can make you very comfortable. And the right practitioner really can emphasize that.

Joe Bauer: All right so make every smile personal, they take every smile personally and you should make it that way too. Love your dentist, find that 1-800-DENTIST, there you see it right there. Okay Fred Joyal, the right - Fred thanks again.

Fred Joyal: Thank you Joe.

Joe Bauer:  Again, I'm smiling.  You make me smile. San Diego Living is coming right back.