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May 31, 2013 - Dental Patients Happier with Neat-Freak Dentists

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 31, 2013) – Few things are more important to dental patients than a clean dentist office according to an exclusive 2013 survey conducted by 1-800-DENTIST®, the nation’s leading free dental matching service.

The Los Angeles-based company just released the findings of a major national survey of patient attitudes towards dentists and dentistry. Among the survey’s most revealing insights was the extremely high level of importance placed on the cleanliness of a dentist’s office. Ninety-one percent of patients surveyed ranked cleanliness as a reason why they would return to the same dentist for a follow-up appointment.

1-800-DENTIST conducted its survey as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to staying in touch with the evolving needs of today’s dental patients. Data from the survey is being used to enhance the proprietary algorithm the company uses to custom match callers and visitors to to their perfect dentist. To date, 1-800-DENTIST has successfully matched over 7-million people to local, prescreened member dentists.

1-800-DENTIST’s survey clearly illustrates the importance of office cleanliness to patients. It is one of the top three reasons patients reappoint with a dentist. The only factors patients rated as higher priorities when deciding whether or not they would go back to a dental office were the quality of the dentist’s work and a clear explanation of the difference between required and optional dental treatments. Interestingly, patients consider a clean office more important than a gentle dentist, short waits, friendly staff and the office’s willingness to take their financial concerns into consideration.

“Patients want their dentists to be very clean,” said Michael Tuner, CEO of 1-800-DENTIST. “This is perfectly understandable considering the nature of dental care and it’s one of the reasons why 1-800-DENTIST prescreens every dentist we refer.”  

“Patients judge the quality of dentists based on the appearance of their office. That’s why we encourage all of our member dentists to give new patients an office tour during their first visit,” Turner continued. “This helps assure patients that the dentist we referred them to meets the high standards of cleanliness we expect of our members.”

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