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Fred Joyal: Dental insurance plans vary widely and most often they're very different from typical medical insurance plans.  Dental insurance plans generally cover basic preventive care; cleanings; x-rays; fillings, etc.

Where as the more involved treatment often is not covered or there is only so much covered in any given year.  Many dental plans have a financial spending limit each year. 

There is a variety of plans from HMO to PPO to Indemnity.  HMO is a very basic coverage where you have to go to a dentist in the network.  PPO allows you to go in the network, but it has more coverage.  And only Indemnity will generally cover all the care, except for cosmetic. 

Various plans that are called the same thing may have different coverage within them, particularly group plans for companies.  It's important to understand all of the benefits coverage that you have specific to your type of plan, and your plan with your company or your individual private plan. 

Dentists can help you understand in your dental plan, but it's important to know what type of coverage you have as you look for a dentist.