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Daily Exercises for Your Smile

smile excercise

Don't forget, brushing, flossing and professional dental care are smile musts. With regular dental exams/checkups and professional teeth cleanings, you can keep your smile feeling healthy and looking great.

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Ah, the wondrous smile. It's been called "free therapy," an instant pick me up. Others swear it's better than eating chocolate. Whatever its effects, one thing is for sure: Everyone loves a great smile.

Smiling not only has a positive effect on your mental and emotional state; it may also have an anti-aging effect by helping to prevent facial sagging. In addition, doing daily facial and smile exercises can help reinforce muscle movement. In other words, by exercising your facial muscles, you'll keep them strong and supple.

Using your fingers as "weights," the following smile exercises recommended by the Smile Power Institute may help improve your smile, combat signs of aging and boost your mood!