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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Life:

Many people may feel down courtesy of lost love, unemployment or not earning enough money to live the lifestyle they long for. Believe it or not improving one's smile with cosmetic dentistry can help change all that.

According to 1-800-Dentist, a cosmetic dentist is skilled in implementing dental treatments including "...laser teeth whitening, cosmetic dental bonding and veneers," and has the ability to improve both dental health and tooth aesthetics. While some individuals think that those specific skills are only required in cases of vanity, the fact is that cosmetic dentistry is a powerful tool that can be implemented to improve the quality of life for those in need.

Improve Self Esteem

Self esteem can be loosely described as having the confidence, happiness, motivation and attitude in order to succeed. Those going without it, can suffer from a myriad of problems related to not believing in oneself. The difficulties can manifest in a number of ways including being shy, poor education (as someone with no confidence may not feel strong enough to actively participate in the process), anxiety and become victims of domestic abuse. Cosmetic dentistry can help change all that.

Ask anyone and the majority of people would say that how their teeth look is directly linked to their confidence levels. It is for that reason people get embarrassed by dental problems such as having food stuck between teeth, bad breath and bleeding gums. While those issues may be indicators of bigger issues, the fact that people try to hide them clearly demonstrates how teeth are linked to self esteem.

Research also backs up the theory. A study of Swedish children found there are a number of factors that can make kids feel poorly about themselves. According to the report "A polytomous regression on self-esteem showed that having very poor self-esteem as opposed to poor, good and very good self-esteem was associated with being a girl, not living with one's biological parents, poor social support, having less interest in politics, poor adaptation in school and poor oral health behaviour. The results also showed that being a boy, choosing statements reflecting less exemplary behaviour, and being less well adapted in school increased the risk of having poor oral health behaviour," ( The right cosmetic dentistry (that focuses both on improving dental health and appearance) can do wonders to change all that!

Earn More Money

Classic rockers Pink Floyd sung "Money, get away, get a job with more pay and you'll be ok." Those wise men got it right as research conducted by Princeton University researchers found that individuals who earn $75k annually are happier then their lower-income counterparts (,9171,2019628,00.html). Individuals looking to get that larger slice of the money pie can increase their odds by having an attractive smile and utilizing cosmetic dentistry if necessary.

Newsweek researched how looks influence hiring managers. The results were garnered from an on-line survey of 202 corporate hiring managers as well as a telephone survey of 964 people randomly selected to represent the public. The results showed that "...57 percent of managers believe an unattractive (but qualified) job candidate will have a harder time getting hired; 68 percent believe that, once hired, looks will continue to affect the way managers rate job performance," and ultimately ones earning potential (

Fifty-nine percent of the surveys participating hiring managers advised job seekers to spend equal amounts of time and money "making sure they look attractive,” in order to avoid becoming a victim of looks discrimination. 1-800-Dentist believes that funneling those efforts into using the services of a skilled cosmetic dentist would be the best use of the resources.

Additionally, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has proved the case. They found that workers that are not attractive earn approximately 9 percent less per hour than average looking employees. The most attractive employees tend to earn 5 percent more than average looking folks ( A mouth filled with attractive teeth can certainly help change that.

Find Love

There are many sayings about love and positive relationships. The act of being enthralled has health benefits including the ability to speed up the recovery process associated with oral surgery, lowering blood pressure and helping individuals who are depressed ( However, individuals struggling with poor oral health and an unattractive smile may have a harder time finding the feeling.

Varies studies on the subject have occurred across the globe and no matter of the where, one thing is for sure, bad teeth is a major turn off and that can block love from blooming.

In America Kelton Research, looked into the matter. Their research indicated that 59 percent of Americans would be turned-off if their partner skipped the basic dental care behaviors of brushing or flossing his or her teeth for a week. In Singapore an on-line survey of 300 residents showed that sixty-six per cent would never date a person with bad breath and that eighty-seven percent of female participants said that man with bad breath are unattractive. No matter where you live, cosmetic dentistry can help improve the chances of you getting sexy!

Having teeth that are in great shape and look fantastic can help those in need build confidence, build wealth and help those longing to find love. If you are thinking of taking the plunge into the world of cosmetic dental care it is important to ensure that dental health is a priority as many cosmetic dental treatments require stellar dental health to take. If you are looking for a great dentist to improve dental health and the way teeth look, you can count on 1-800-DENTIST to assist in the task.