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Our member dentists are screened professionals you can trust. Watch this video to learn why consumers have trusted us to find dentists for over 23 years!

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Can't See the Video? Here's the Transcription:

Fred Joyal: There are more than 100,000 dentists in the United States.  And there are also several thousand specialists and also many educators at dental schools.

Dentists are required to go to at least 4 years of college and usually 3 to 4 years of dental school before they can become dental professionals.  Dentists are considered doctors and it is a medical healthcare profession.

You can find dentists in a variety of ways. But it's important to find dentists in your life that will take care of your teeth, that you trust, that you rely upon and that you see consistently. 

Finding a dentist and visiting that dentist on a regular basis is very important - which is why dentists that are in our program have been screened so meticulously by us. So that, when you see dentists on our service, you know you can rely on the care that they give you and the experience they give you in their office.