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Cosmetic Dentistry Video

Cosmetic dentistry is more than a fad! Cosmetic dentists can change your smile and your life. Watch this video for a quick overview on cosmetic dentistry.

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Can't See The Video? Here's the Transcription

Fred Joyal: Cosmetic Dentistry is used when you have chipped, cracked, discolored or missing teeth.  It is important to have a good healthy smile, but it's also important in today's society to have an attractive smile.

Cosmetic dentistry allows you to have a healthy looking beautiful straight smile. There are a variety of things that can be done from porcelain veneers, to other types of bonding, to simple veneers that go over the teeth - called Lumineers® or No-Prep Veneers. 

Seeing a dentist is a way to find out exactly how much work you may need to get the smile you want.  But most people find that when the do cosmetic dentistry, their confidence goes up, they're happier about their appearance and their smile is generally healthier.