World’s Most Famous Royalty Didn’t Know They Were Getting Crowns

An innocent 10-year-old Egyptian boy named Tut had no idea there would be a crown in his future. Beyoncé hadn’t a clue that her enormous talent would lead to being crowned Queen Bey.

Just like famous people, needing a crown can sneak up on you, too. You could have a tooth right now that even without obvious symptoms needs a dental crown and you don’t know it. Hopefully, you know a dentist who uses the latest CEREC technology which can turn an often complicated crown procedure into an easy, one-time visit.

Fortunately, 1-800-DENTIST® has been successfully matching over 9 million patients with great dentists for over 30 years. And because we know more about this industry than anyone else, we know more dentists who are using this incredible CEREC technology and making patients very happy.


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