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Unexpected Fluoride Sources: 1800DENTIST.com

Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound that has been shown to fight tooth decay and protect against cavities. The initial discovery of the dental health perks associated with the compound has lead to a number of initiatives to easily distribute fluoride to the masses. Options include the fluoridation of community water supplies and putting the additive in a myriad of dental care products including professionally applied dental treatments, however those are not the only places where fluoride can be found.

While some individuals may think that getting more of the compound will further protect dental health, the reality is an excess of fluoride can contribute to problems including dental fluorosis, brittle bones, stomach pains, allergic reactions and high toxicity levels in organs like the kidneys and the brain. That is why individuals concerned about getting too much of the stuff need learn how to control fluoride consumption and be aware of some of the other sources of the stuff.

Black Tea

Caffeine and waking up go together; many people agree that they cannot function without their AM jolt and those who favor black tea as their drink of choice should know that a cup of black tea naturally contains 9 milligrams of fluoride per serving (and potentially more if the beverage is made with flouridated tap water).

World-wide black tea is the most popular caffeinated drink; some individuals drink gallons of the stuff daily. Dr. Gary Whitford, Regents Professor of oral biology in the School of Dentistry analyzed data from four people who all had skeletal fluorosis. The only link the four had in common is that they consumed copioud amounts of the beverage (one to two gallons daily) for time periods ranging from one to multiple decades. It was with that prompted Whitford to discover that the caffeine levels in black tea were previously underestimated (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/07/100714104059.htm).


In America, community fluoridation has been a common practice for 65 years and that act has been recognized "... as one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century (http://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/)." However, in other countries the cupboard staple, salt, has been serving the purpose of distributing the dental health boosting compound to the masses.

Switzerland started leading the trend of salt fluoridation in 1955 and now approximately fifteen countries use the same approach. While some of the fluoridated salt is packaged for direct to consumer sales the food is used by bakeries, bread manufacturers, kitchens and cafeterias. Individuals who travel to countries including (but not limited to) Czech Republic, France and Germany should be aware that eating fluoridated salt is a real possibility.


The only time most people see parsley is as a garnish on their meals. Individuals who push that little sprig aside may want to reconsider as not only is the herb is a powerful breath freshener  (because of the chlorophyll level) it is also provides a natural source of fluoride. Individuals who opt to chew on parsley can get a natural blast of the substance. It is because of that the food is used as a cavity fighting ingredient in some natural toothpastes.

Individuals trying to better manage their fluoride exposure should first call their local water department to find out if their H20 features the compound. Then talking to a dentist can help unearth other sources and help develop a course of action. No dentist? No problem! 1-800-DENTIST can connect individuals in need to a great dentist, fast.

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