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Three Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know: 1800Dentist.com

Dental care is essential to well being and preventing dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. The process involves the efforts of numerous people including individuals, parents and professional dentists. Professionals are in charge of examining teeth and the mouth for signs of infection and for implementing dentistry to minimize dental problems. Once immersed in their task, dentists are in the position to garner knowledge regarding the oral hygiene behaviors of their patients. Based on that information, dentists have seen their fair share of oral issues and in return, long to share their valuable insight on the matter.

Oral Cancer is a Killer

A majority of patients count on dentistry to keep their mouths healthy and to ensure that their teeth and smile are aesthetically pleasing. It is important to note that a dentist can also provide oral cancer screenings to catch the disease in its earliest stages to help improve the odds of a life or death situation.

Statistics from the OralCancerFoundation.org indicate that annually, 37,000 Americans receive a diagnosis for oral or pharyngeal cancer. The cancers kill around 8,000 deaths per year or approximately one person every hour. The biggest contribution to the abnormally high mortality rates is the late diagnosis of the disease. When caught in its earliest states, those inflicted with oral cancer can experience an 80 to 90 percent recovery rate. Dentists want patients to know that oral cancer is a killer in order give you the best odds possible!

Lipstick is Messy

For thousands of years women have been decorating their puckers with stains and colors in order to look more attractive. Within the cosmetic industry, lipstick sales account for $185.2 billion annually and women tend to favor premium brands such. Perhaps in relation to the colorful status symbol, women try to perfect their artistic pout prior to visiting a dental clinic. Dentists would prefer it if that was not the case.

Although the pigment can make a lady feel polished and put together, when a dentist does their work the cosmetic will not stay put. Instead, the odds are that during the dental process lipstick will get on teeth, equipment and the clothing of the dentist or dental hygienist. Some dentists do not want to risk offending their patients by asking them to remove their lip paint and instead silently wish that it would just be done.

Aspirin May Complicate Dental Work

Aspirin is considered a household staple and miracle drug. The medicine is known to relieve aches and pains, stop headaches, prevent strokes and heart attacks and more. The drug is mostly comprised of salicylic acid and can thin blood. Because of the drugs' antiplatelet effect, dentists wish that patients would let them know if aspirin has been consumed. When blood is unable to clot properly, it can complicate dental procedures thanks to excessive bleeding.

Individuals wondering what other tips dentists may be interested in sharing, can find out on their own by scheduling an appointment with a dental care provider. Those looking to find a dentist can count on 1-800-DENTIST to assist in the task.

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