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Hook up with the latest dentistry news on topics ranging from dental braces to sports drinks and wisdom teeth.

Dental Braces for Teens: New Options Add Some "Cool"

If explaining the health benefits of dental braces doesn't get anywhere with your teen, it may help to inform them about the types of braces that won't cramp their style.

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Dental Care Checklist - Teens

Teenagers love their independence and convincing them to eat well and care for their teeth may get challenging. Here's how to make sure your teen's smile stays in shape.

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Everyday Dental Care Tips for Teens

Good oral health relies on more than brushing and flossing. In this "Everyday Dental Care Tips for Teens" guide, your teen can learn how diet, sports and tobacco use can affect their teeth.

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Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Teens

If you have a teenager, you know how important their appearance is. Find out why more parents are considering teeth whitening and veneers for their teens.

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Sports Drinks and Your Teenager's Teeth

Sports drinks have become increasingly popular among teenagers. While they may sound healthy, the truth is many sports drinks contain additives that can damage your teenager's teeth.

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Teenagers and Gum Disease: How You Can Reduce Their Risk

About 60 percent of teenagers are diagnosed with gum disease every year and teenage girls are especially vulnerable. Find out what type of gum disease treatment can help.

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Treating Overbites With the Herbst Appliance

Overbites are typically corrected with dental braces, but the Herbst appliance is proving to be a fast and effective method for treating overbites.

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Wisdom Teeth and Teens: What Every Smart Parent Should Know

At 16, your teen is probably looking forward to driving, not getting wisdom teeth. Since wisdom teeth do tend to erupt at this age, you and your teen may want to learn how to prepare for them. 

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Violent Teens, Another Risk of Soda: 1800Dentist.com

The connection between soda consumption and a decline in health cannot be argued, and that is why 1-800-DENTIST advices individuals to skip soda to save their teeth and well being. A visit to a dentist cannot only verify these facts, but a professional dental care provider can also provide tips on how to kick the soda habit once and for all.
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Parenting Behaviors that Lead to Junior's Dental Problems: 1800Dentist.com

Parents and caregivers concerned that their innocent behaviors may be damaging the dental health of their children should seek the advice of their dentist for more information. For those looking to find a dentist, calling an 1-800-DENTIST operator can streamline the process.

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