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Chloral Hydrate Sedation

Have kids? Chloral hydrate sedation is a form of sedation dentistry that can help your kids, even infants, feel relaxed during their regular dental visits.

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Computer-Generated Anesthesia

The Wand is a device used to adminster needle-free, computer-generated anesthesia. While it's not magic, patients who have a fear of needles might think it is!

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Conscious Sedation

Need help feeling relaxed during your dental visit? Ask your dentist about conscious sedation -- a mild form of sedation dentistry that doesn't put you under.

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Dental Nerve Blocks

Administering anesthesia, or dental nerve blocks, requires training and skill. But some factors can block the effectiveness of dental nerve blocks -- find out which ones.

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DentiPatch is a revolutionary form of needle-free anesthesia. Unlike topical numbing gels, DentiPatch penetrates deep into the gums and lasts for about 45 minutes!

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Electronic Anesthesia

Afraid of injections? Electronic anesthesia involves using a low-voltage electrical current for pain relief. Find out what the TENS system is all about.

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General Anesthesia

When people talk about going under, they're talking about general anesthesia. General anesthesia is most often used during oral surgery or given to patients with dental anxiety.

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Herbal Oral Sedation

Looking for an alternative to traditional sedation dentistry? Herbal oral sedation might be the perfect solution. But remember, herbal oral sedation is not a painkiller!

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Homeopathic Sedation

Interested in holistic alternatives to traditional sedation? There are many types of homeopathic sedation dentistry available, each designed to reduce dental anxiety and relieve stress.

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Does anesthesia make you think of a needle? This might shock you, but pain-free, needle-free anesthesia is here -- and it's called H-Wave electronic anesthesia.

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Intraosseous Anesthesia

Intraosseous anesthesia numbs without giving you that "fat lip" feeling. Unlike local anesthesia, intraosseous anesthesia is inserted into the bone, causing little to no pain! 

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IV Sedation Dentistry

Dental cowards take note: IV sedation dentistry offers a painless way for you to get needed dental care. The best part is you won't have any memory of the experience after it's done!

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Laughing Gas

If won't actually make you laugh, but inhaling nitrous oxide, or "laughing gas," can help make you feel calm and relaxed before dental treatment.

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Local Anesthesia

At some point in your lifetime of dental care you'll probably need local anesthesia. Local anesthesia protects you from feeling pain and even dental anxiety!

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Nitrous Oxide

Anesthesia numbs; nitrous oxide relaxes. Often used in conjunction with local dental anesthesia, nitrous oxide is a gentle, but effective form of sedation dentistry.

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Novocaine is the most commonly used type of dental anesthesia, but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Find out what you need to know before receiving novocaine.

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Oral Sedation

While most forms of sedation dentistry require a shot, oral sedation ushers in relaxation through a pill. With oral sedation, you'll get dental anxiety relief without having to go under.

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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can ease dental anxiety by helping patients feel relaxed during dental treatment. From laughing gas to general anesthesia, you've got options!

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Sleep Dentistry

Using a mix of pain relievers and sedatives, sleep dentistry lulls you into a relaxed, but conscious state. Sleep dentistry is also known by its other moniker conscious sedation.

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Anyone who doesn't think that modern dental technologies aren't inventive doesn't know about Vibraject! Vibraject is a device used to minimize the pain of needles.

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Demi Moore, High on Dental Care Gas: 1800Dentist.com

If you have been skipping the dentist for way too long because your fear has made you dread the experience, sedation dentistry fueled by nitrous oxide may be of assistance. Individuals looking to evaluate this relationship further can call 1-800-DENTIST to find a dentist well versed on the topic.

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