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Root Canals

Apicoectomy Procedure

The goal of a root canal treatment is to save your tooth. But when that doesn't work, your dentist may recommend an apicoectomy to remove a diseased tooth root.

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Endodontic Retreatment

Dentists and endodontists have been treating inner-tooth disease with root canal therapy for years. But five percent are ineffective and require an endodontic retreatment. Find out why.

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Molar Endodontics

Think of molar endodontics as root canal therapy for your molar teeth -- the ones in the back of your mouth that are used for chewing. Find out what's involved in molar endodontics.

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Pulp Capping

When your tooth's pulp chamber becomes infected a root canal is often necessary, but not always inevitable. Pulp capping can also be used to prevent further damage.

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Root Canal

Root canals have some nerve; that's why it's important to protect them with root canal therapy. Fortunately, modern root canal treatments are now virtually pain-free!

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