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Find Out Why Preventative Dentistry is Important with 1-800-DENTIST

Due to economic woes, many Americans have been skipping dental care as a cost saving maneuver. While the decision of avoiding the dentist can indeed save a couple of hundred bucks in the here and now, opting against preventative dentistry can end up costing an individual thousands of dollars more in correcting the damage done.

Statistics have shown that budgetary constrictions have encouraged 50 percent of uninsured and 30 percent of insured Americans to skip necessary dental treatments (Harris Interactive/HealthDay Poll, 2009). The American Dental Association (ADA) is adamantly against that strategy as that may increase the chances of requiring costly dental services and may jeopardize ones' general health.

Skipping Dental Care Now Results In Massive Costs Later

Conspiracy theory fans may believe that the advice to brush, cracked tooth. Instead he is now swimming in a sea of debt courtesy of the $25,000 in dental and medical related expenses he accrued during his emergency care.

About Preventative Dentistry

When it comes to dentistry, an ounce of preventative care is worth more than its weight in gold as prevention is essential to early detection of fresh, clean water after every meal.

Finding a great dentist to be a partner in a patients' oral hygiene can start at home. Individuals in need simply call 1-800-DENTIST and our helpful and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the contact information of a great dentist, perfectly suited for your oral care needs.

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