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Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, affects both children and adults. While stress is often the culprit for adults, colds and allergies can cause bruxism in children.

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A crossbite is more than a cosmetic imperfection. Without proper dental treatment, a crossbite can lead to improper jaw growth, TMJ, loose teeth and receding gums.

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Having a bad bite doesn't mean you've done something wrong, but you may need to get it corrected. Find out which dental treatment can fix a malocclusion.

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Even if you have a minor overbite, many patients have said that fixing an overbite improved how they look, the way they talk and their ability to eat.

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Do you hear a clicking or popping noise when you open and close your mouth? That could be a sign of TMD. Read about other TMD and TMJ symptoms and treatments available.

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TMJ affects millions of people. Think you're one of them? Click to find out how a TMJ dentist can help you get rid of chronic jaw pain, ear pain and headaches.

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Underbite (Mandibular Prognathism)

When it comes to correcting an underbite, intervention is the best medicine. But no matter what your age, underbite treatment is an option. Discover your options today!

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Learn About the "The Dental Woes of Women" on 1800Dentist.com

Women come in all different shapes and sizes and regardless of their form, oral hygiene is vital to the success of the female of the species. Thanks to the XX genetic markers, women have their own unique biological issues, health worries and conditions. This is true for every body part that comprises the 'fairer gender,' including all the features that compose their smiles.

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