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How Disney Helps Dental Care Professionals: 1800Dentist.com

Annually, millions of visitors flock to the Happiest Place on Earth for the experience and while some individuals spend their time running from ride to ride, others visit the theme park to improve their dental care practices. The Disney brand has earned the reputation for providing happiness and exceptional customer service delivered by "Cast Members” throughout the theme park. Disney has taken to sharing this knowledge by hosting educational programs dedicated to providing client satisfaction and dental health experts travel far and wide to get that info from the leaders in the hospitality field.

Dentistry is a complicated science that can improve conditions like tooth decay and gum disease when applied correctly. However when dental treatments are not done properly the results can be disastrous. That is why many dental clinics around the office are now following pilot protocol to reduce human error and other dental care professionals are opting to join Disney Institute continuing education classes specifically catering to the dental industry.

Disney Institute for Dental Care

The process of becoming a professional dentist involves years of education backed by dedication to delivering quality dental care. Annually, hundreds of dentists, dental hygienists and other dental office staff opt to participate in continuing education via a course entitled "Disney’s Approach to Quality Service," in order to help those professional anticipate and properly address the concerns of patients.

One Disney Institute course instructor is Tom Thomson. At an educational event held in 2010, Thompson taught dentists and their staff how to best run their practices in order to meet guest expectations in order to build repeat business. Disney is considered to be the expert in the field thanks to their theme parks, cruise ships and other organizational branches and the Institute is happy to share the secrets of Disney success with dentists in need.

On the surface Disney and dentistry have nothing in common but a further examination of both industries will lead to the conclusion that a positive experience by a customer may not only result in repeat business but trigger off a word-of-mouth marketing campaign for both the entertainment brand and dental clinics. The Disney course helps dental care professionals anticipate and properly address dental anxiety, general fear of dental treatments or even panic over dental expenses in order to immediately diffuse a situation and help convert a negative experience into a positive one.

About the Disney Institute

Once upon a time, a man named Walt Disney introduced Mickey Mouse to the world. That simple action has lead to the development of Disney's multibillion dollar empire featuring websites, theme parks, vacation services, clothing, baby food, jewelry and even vitamins. The Disney Institute is the educational branch of the company that focuses on professional development and external training.

The roots of the institute can be traced to former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Under his orders, Disney opened a resort and learning center that was meant to provide an alternative to the traditional family vacation. The venture was not as lucrative as hoped and eventually the learning campus was closed down, converted to the "Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa" and the knowledge of the former staff compiled into a book entitled Be Our Guest, Perfecting the art of customer service. The information from that experience help lead to the creation of the current Disney Institute in 2000.

Now the Disney Institute focuses its energy on educational programs teaching the Disney way of business to multiple industries. General dentistry is just one profession that can benefit from learning the 'the business behind the magic’ via seminars, workshops and presentations.

Institute Topics

In order to be a skilled dentist, professionals in the field must learn how to treat cavities, apply fluoride and flawlessly implement cosmetic dentistry procedures. The Disney Institute does not dare address such complicated issues and instead offers courses in customer service, building brand loyalty, teaching leadership skills and other behaviors to ensure business success. Sometimes individuals are able to attend as guests courtesy of company outings while others may join on their own through public or private programs offered directly by the Disney Institute.

There is no arguing that dentists who complete the appropriate Disney Institute classes will provide you with an exceptional customer service relationship, but they are not the only dental care professionals up to the task. Individuals interested in finding a dentist boasting exceptional customer service skills can rely on 1-800-DENTIST to simplify the task of finding such an expert.

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