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Gum Treatments


Scaling and root planing is effective in removing the bacteria that cause periodontal disease, but the gum disease treatment ARESTIN offers added protection. Find out how ARESTIN works.

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Bone Regeneration

When left untreated, periodontal disease can wear away your jaw bone making non-surgical gum disease treatment ineffective. Bone regeneration can remedy this.

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Gum surgery isn't as scary as it sounds! If you suffer from gum disease, a surgical gum disease treatment known as a gingivectomy can restore your smile in less than an hour.

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Gum Disease Treatment

It's easy to forget about your gums, but if you ignore them for too long you may need a gum disease treatment. Gum treatments are non-invasive or could require dental surgery depending on the damage.

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Gum Grafting

It's easy to see why periodontists stick to gum grafting: This type of gum disease treatment can eliminate tooth sensitivity, reshape unsightly gum lines and protect your teeth from disease!

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LANAP™: Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

Does it hurt just to think of a scalpel and stitches being used to treat your gum disease? If the idea of traditional gum surgery doesn't "suture" you, consider LANAP, a less invasive laser gum treatment.

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Laser Gum Surgery

Your dentist cares about your comfort. To prove this, dentists created a special laser to perform laser gum surgery, a non-invasive form of laser dentistry that requires little to no anesthesia.

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Laser Gum Treatment

A laser gum disease treatment is one of the most innovative procedures in modern dentistry. If you've shied away from gum treatments before, laser dentistry may make you reconsider.

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You may never welcome gum disease treatment with open arms, but PerioLase laser periodontal therapy may help you embrace it. PerioLase LPT cuts time and discomfort -- not your gums.

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Scaling and Root Planing

Gum disease is caused by a buildup of dental plaque and dental tartar below the gum line. With a gum disease treatment like scaling and root planing, your gums can be restored to a healthy state.

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