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Games and Activities

With our exclusive dental games and activites, learning about dentistry can be fun for the whole family!

10 Tricks for Scaring Away Halloween Cavities

It's frighteningly easy to fight Halloween cavities and keep trick-or-treat tooth decay at bay if you use common sense, practice good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly.

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20 Smart Snacks Coloring Guide

Want a fun way to teach your kids about smart snacks? Print this black and white chart of smart snacks and color it in with them!

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20 Smart Snacks in Full Color

A full-color vibrant chart of smart snacks. Print it and hang on your fridge to help your kids make smart snack choices!

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Can Shootout

Think you have mad hand-eye coordination skills? Put them to the test by playing our exclusive online Can Shootout Game. How many cans can you hit?

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Crossword Puzzle

Our Dental Crossword Puzzle goes across, down and is all-around fun! Made expressly for kids, this crossword puzzle covers all the basics of dentistry.

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Moving Discs

Your goal: Move three discs, one by one, from left to right. Sounds easy, right? Don't be too sure -- even we've been stumped by the Disc Game!

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We put a new twist on an old favorite. Find out just how much you and your kids know about dentistry by playing our popular Dynamic Dentition Game!

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Slot Machine

This may not be Vegas, but your smile has plenty to gain if you can answer our dental care questions right. How many turns at the Slot Machine can you get?

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Things just wouldn't be the same without simple, fun games like Tic-Tac-Toe! Who's going to win -- you or the computer? Play to find out!

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Toothbrushing Chart

Are your kids new to brushing? Keep them on the right track by monitoring their toothbrushing habits with this four-week chart. Be sure to use plenty of gold stars!

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Word Search

How many dental terms can you find in a sea of letters? Be sure to search up, down, forewards, backwards, across and diagonally!

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LEGO® Battles Coloring Pages for Kids

Get exclusive LEGO Battles coloring pages for kids. Download Castle, Pirates, Space or all three, for FREE!

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Free Tooth Fairy Activities for Kids!

Up the anticipation of your child's next Tooth Fairy visit. Tooth Fairy is available on Blu-Ray and DVD May 4th.

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Fake Teeth for Halloween: 1800Dentist.com

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