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Fall Foods For Dental Health: 1800Dentist.com

In between summer and winter is the glorious season of autumn; the time of year starting on September 21 and ending on the winter solstice. Traditionally, autumn is marked by lowered temperatures, bursts of vibrant color courtesy of foliage, Halloween and historically the season is marked by the primary harvest before the big chill arrives. Fortunately, fall's bounties are delicious, affordable and exceptional foods regarding dental health.

Most people know the importance of eating a nutritious diet to boost dental health, but are unable to afford the fruits and vegetables associated with the goal. However, fall's seasonal bounties of fruits and leafy green vegetable can remove that obstacle because of the low prices associated with seasonal produce. Here are some of the most tasty and affordable fruits and vegetables that can help ensure a healthful autumn.


The United States is home to over 2,500 species of apples ranging in hue from red to green to yellow. Each and every apple variety has its own unique flavor, texture and color and regardless of the exact type, the fruit is the second most valuable crop within America's fruit industry. Estimates suggest that the average Jane or Joe eats more than 46 pounds of apples and apple products annually and those who opt to eat the fruit fresh and with the skin will experience the benefit of nature's toothbrush.

Apples are naturally crunchy, fibrous (5 grams per serving) and have mild acidic quality surrounding them. The design of this fruit is not only perfect for enjoyment, but by consuming the fruit, individuals can actually remove dental plaque build up and mild tooth stains with minimal effort.

Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit and autumn marks the time when a majority of apple crops are ready. According the United States Department of Agriculture estimates that apples cost around .83 cents per pound or about .11 cents per serving. At those prices it is no wonder that the fruit can help make people smile!


As part of the cabbage family many people have a love hate relationship with broccoli. Lovers of the nutrient dense vegetable can easily afford to incorporate the food as autumn delivers a bumper crop of the healthful goodness ranging from .22 cents to .28 cents a serving.

Broccoli is considered a super food because of all the nutrition packed into the green stalks especially in the form of isothiocyanate, a nutrient that can combat certain types of cancers. Broccoli features the whole flowering head of the plant and is consumed as a vegetable packed with nutrition including high fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C. It is because of broccoli's high level of Vitamin C that the produce is essential for dental health.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for preventing scurvy, a disease that can promote dental problems such as bleeding gums and tooth loss. Individuals without the nutrient may also experience problems healing after dental surgery and procedures. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin C is 60 milligrams daily and one cup of steamed broccoli will deliver 89mg or 149 percent of the RDA and a dental health both for just pennies on the dollar.


Pumpkins is the the squash most aligned with fall season. Annually the US grows 1.5 billions pounds of the crop and come fall, nearly every porch, terrace or home is adorned with a Jack-o-Lantern or two. While the devices are typically used to demonstrate a person's passion for Halloween, the devices are edible and can be used in pies, soups or the seeds can be roasted and eaten. When the food, classified as a fruit, is consumed, the results can be a boost tooral hygiene at affordable prices.

Pumpkins are a food that is low in calories, high in fiber and a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C . Once again, Vitamin C is essential to those concerned about their dental care as the nutrient has been directly linked to lowering the chances of developing gum disease.

Individuals looking to find other fall foods that are teeth friendly can feel free to discuss the matter further with their dentist. Anyone who needs to find a dentist can call 1-800-DENTIST 24/7 to get the name of a provider that has already been screened for their education, skills, hours, specialties and location.

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