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Brentwood Center For Cosmetic Dentistry

11645 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 790
West Los Angeles, CA 90025


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About Our Office

At Brentwood Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, our mission is to serve the West Los Angeles community with top quality dental care and services.
We are a family oriented practice with an emphasis on quality and patient satisfaction. We have a caring, gentle doctor and staff who are great with fearful patients. We offer a state-of-the-art office with on time appointments and an emphasis on cosmetic makeovers. We offer some Saturday hours by appointment only. Please call the office directly for more information.

Associated Dentist

Nader Nikman, DDS
Education: DDS, University of Southern California, 1990


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From Our Patients:

"The dentist was good, honest and told me what was fact."   Pascal B
"Dr. Nikman has been my dentist for over ten years. I wanted a practice where I would get plenty of individual attention and that is exactly what I’ve found with Dr. Nikman. I’ve also gotten the best care, always a very careful explanation of the work that I needed and the risks and expense involved, with great attention to my preferences and to the artistry of the work, and assistance with referrals to great specialists when I needed them. I can’t say enough about Nader and his staff. They’re a terrific team and make going to the dentist a pleasure. not what you usually hear about dentists, but it’s the truth. If you want, they’ll play great music while they’re doing the work."   Phil C.
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for giving me that smile that I was hoping to get back. I went for years of being photographed and being self-conscious of my smile due to the issues with my teeth not being straight in the front. Your guidance and understanding truly helped me get what I was hoping for. It all started with the consultation, which lead to the invisalign, which allowed me to get the finishing touch on my top front 6 that are now Perfect! I can’t thank you enough, please feel free to share my story with anyone that you take care of that is in a similar situation. "   Mark A.
"My ONLY regret about Invisalign is not doing it sooner. I waited and thought about it for years until a trusted friend told me it was the best thing she had ever done. It turns out, she was right. I love that I can control when I wear them and can remove them for things like a business meeting or a date. Very convenient and flexible. My decision was also helped by my trust in Dr. Nikman. I knew he wouldn't steer me wrong. I'm still a couple months away from being done and I don't recognize my own smile, my teeth are so straight already. Thanks Dr. Nikman!"   Gina D.
"My experience was very nice. I felt safe. "   Lisa F

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Brentwood Center For Cosmetic Dentistry
11645 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 790
West Los Angeles, CA 90025


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