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Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is one of the most innovative technologies in dentistry. Instead of using a dental drill to remove tooth decay, dentists are using gentle, sound-free air abrasion techniques.

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The CDC and ADA have specific sterilization requirements for dentists. An autoclave sterilizer is the device used by dentists to keep their dental products and instruments squeaky clean.

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Bitewing X-rays

Bitewing X-rays are an essential part of your dental care. Dentists use bitewing X-rays to detect tooth decay, gum disease, dental tartar and even bone loss in the areas between your teeth.

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Most X-rays take pictures of your teeth; CEPH is an image of your entire skull. Find out how this dental X-ray can help an orthodontist plan the right dental braces treatment.

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Computer Imaging for Dental Crowns

Want to know what a dental crown will look like before investing your time and money into the procedure? Ask your dentist to use computer imaging for crowns!

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Dental Microsurgery

Sometimes 20/20 vision just isn't enough for oral surgery. That's why dentists use dental microsurgery, which involves the use of a microscope and fiber optic lights.

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Dental Unit Waterlines

One of the best things about a dental cleaning is the spray of cold water that you get to rinse your mouth. Dental unit waterlines are the technology behind the spray.

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When it comes to finding cavities on the surfaces of our teeth, the human eye is just no match for DIAGNOdent®, a laser cavity detection device.

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Digital Impression System

With less mess, a quicker turnaround time and the practical elimination of gagging, digital impression systems are making a big impression on dentists and patients alike.

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Digital Radiography

Digital radiography, or digital X-rays, are more comfortable and emit less radiation than traditional X-rays. And with digital X-rays, you and your dentist can see the results in minutes!

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Digital Tomography

Digital tomography is a type of X-ray that takes 3-D images of your teeth. With digital tomography, up to 10 times less radiation is emitted than traditional X-rays.

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Diode Laser

Dentists who practice laser dentistry rely on the diode laser for both teeth and gum disease treatment. The diode laser can be used for a root canal, teeth whitening and more!

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E4D Dentist Chairside CAD/CAM System

No time to wait for dental restorations? With the E4D Dentist Chairside CAD/CAM System, you can get a dental crowninlayonlay or even veneers placed in just one visit!

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The Endolase root canal laser reduces bacteria 10 times faster than conventional cleaning and disinfecting methods. What does that mean for you? Less time in the dental chair!

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GALILEOS 3-D Imaging System

Want more precise, more natural-looking dental implants? With the GALILEOS 3-D imaging system, you can have just that. GALILEOS takes high-quality images with less radiation.

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Interactive Patient Education System

Where better to learn about dental treatment than right in your dentist's office? Many dentists now use an interactive patient education system so you can do just that.

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Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a video camera in a pen -- it sounds like a James Bond tool, but many dentists are now using it to detect tooth decay and cracked teeth.

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Laser Cavity Detection

Detecting cavities through X-rays and manual probing may soon be a thing of the past. Laser cavity detection is 90 percent effective in finding dental cavities and suspicious areas.

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Gum disease sufferers no longer need to endure shots of local anesthesia and a resulting eternity of numbness. Oraqix offers a needleless solution for pain-free gum disease treatment.

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Do you hate the lingering numbness that stays with you after dental treatment? OraVerse is the first and only product of its kind that reverses local anesthesia so you can get back to feeling normal again.

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Panorex X-ray

Ever heard of a full-mouth X-ray? That's the generic name for a Panorex X-ray. Panorex X-rays produce panoramic images of your teeth.

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Dental tools such as the Prophy-Jet make polishing your teeth easier for your dentist or dental hygienist. Unlike other polishing tools, the high-tech Prophy-Jet is powered by air.

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The Dental Button™

The Dental Button™ is one you'll like to press! If you have dental phobia or dental fear, The Dental Button allows you to stop dental treatment whenever you're uncomfortable.

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Vizilite® Plus

Vizilite® Plus helps dentists catch oral cancer in its early stages, making treatment easier and more successful! Find out what a pain-free Vizilite Plus exam is like.

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Anxious dental patients will be thrilled to hear that the Waterlase dental tool is so gentle and quiet that they've nothing to fear about dental visits!

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