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1-800-DENTIST’s Industry Articles

1-800-DENTIST® supports the success of dentists and other dental professionals in a wide variety of ways. Our archive of dental industry news articles offers practical advice and best practices from many of the leading experts working in dental marketing today.

Fast & Easy 24/7 Appointing: The Hottest Trend in Dentistry

1-800-DENTIST recently introduced 24/7 appointing to help dentists meet the growing demand for after-hours appointing.

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7 Real-Life Reasons Your Patients Leave

Most dentists concern themselves with getting new patients rather than retaining patients. But learning why dental patients leave is the key to keeping them.

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Driving the Dental Consumer: How DTC Marketing Impacts Your Practice

Direct-to-consumer marketing is having an impact on dentistry, and influencing how the recipients of the messages think about their necessary and elective dental care.

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Five Steps to Making Your Dental Office Fun

Creating a good impression of your dental practice is a great way to build positive word-of-mouth referrals. Learn five ways to make your office more fun for patients and staff.

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Howard Speaks - Creating Dentistry Made Easier With Quarterly Employee Reviews

Managing your dental staff properly is one of the keys to a successful dental practice. That means understanding your staff's skills and creating a positive work environment.

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Marketing Your Practice: Know Yourself, Know Your Team, Know Your Patients

How can you get your patients - and your prospective patients - to value what you have to offer and to see you as the professional you are?

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Second Opinion Scarcity vs. Abundance: What’s True for Dentistry?

More consumers need a dentist than you might think. In this article, Fred discusses why it's crucial to make dental patients aware how dentistry, and you, can change their lives.

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Smart Buys

We don't mind tooting our own horn, but it's always nice when someone else does it for us. Read what Dr. Louis Malcmacher has to say about 1-800-DENTIST in his "Smart Buys" article. 


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The 5 Secrets of the Reluctant Patient. What the people at 1-800-DENTIST® can tell you after handling 4 million dental referrals.

Patients, patients. If your dental practice has plenty, then you're doing something right! But if you want to grow your practice, it's important to understand why patients avoid the dentist.

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They Didn’t Teach This in Dental School

Marketing your dental practice is an essential part of growing your business but you won't learn that in most dental schools. Find out what dental marketing experts recommend.

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Why Patients Leave

After talking with hundreds of practices and interacting with millions of potential patients, here are the major reasons we've found why dentists lose patients.

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Your Competition Has Deep Pockets

Want to know how to make your dentistry services more valuable to dental consumers? Read this article, which was published in Dentaltown magazine, for dental marketing tips!

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