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Dental Exam & Cleaning

Full Mouth Debridement

You know what a teeth cleaning is, but what the heck is a debridement? A mouth debridement is required to remove heavy deposits of plaque and tartar.

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Dental Cleanings

Dental plaque and dental tartar are tough to beat -- even if you brush and floss regularly. That's why your twice yearly dental cleaning is one of the most important parts of your dental care regimen.

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Dental Exams & Dental Checkups

The recipe for a healthy smile: brush, floss and regular dental exams. Even if it seems you can't afford it, there are many ways to make exams and checkups affordable.

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Low-Charge Evaluation

An informed dental patient is a happy one. With a low-charge evaluation, you can explore your options and get the information you need to make educated decisions.

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Microsonic Dental Cleanings

If the scraping from a dental cleaning gets under your skin, try a microsonic cleaning. A microsonic cleaning is faster and more thorough than traditional methods!

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No-Charge Evaluation

A no-charge evaluation is a great way to understand your dental treatment options before scheduling a procedure. Ask your dentist if he or she offers a no-charge evaluation!

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Oral Prophylaxis

The next time you call your dental office to schedule a dental cleaning try asking for a prophylaxis, it's the same thing! Prophylaxis is simply the medical term for a dental cleaning.

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Regular Dental Visits

Skipping out on regular dental visits may save time but it could cost you money in the long run. With regular dental visits, your dentist can catch problems before they escalate.

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Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Have you ever wished that a dental cleaning could take less time and feel more comfortable? An ultrasonic cleaning just might be the perfect solution.

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