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Dental Emergency

Have a Dental 911?

Dental Emergency - Call 1-877-528-4242

Patients with a broken tooth or knocked-out tooth obviously need an emergency dentist. But what else qualifies as a dental emergency? You might be surprised.

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Avoid The ER With Preventative Dental Care, Schedule An Appointment With 1-800-DENTIST

2009 statistics suggests that Minnesota hospitals had to deal with 20,000 emergency room visits solely related to dental pain. Throughout the nation, ignoring dental care until the boiling point of no return has been associated with an increase in ER visits. Regular dentist visits could help stem the epidemic and 1-800-DENTIST can help those in need find a great dentist to provide dental care now.

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1-800-DENTIST Saves Vacation from Dental Disaster: 1800Dentist.com

What’s worse than a dental emergency? A dental emergency that happens just before you’re supposed to leave on a long-awaited vacation. A recent article in Dental Products Report details how 1-800-DENTIST saved the day for one would-be vacationer who desperately needed to find a dentist in Morgan Hill, CA, with Saturday hours.

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