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Dental Appliances


If you play sports, you probably have plenty of protective gear for your body. But your mouth needs protection, too. Find out what type of mouthguard is right for you.

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Night Guard

Waking up with a headache or jaw pain may be signs that you're experiencing bruxism, or grinding your teeth in your sleep. A night guard can ease your discomfort and may even save you money.

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NTI Appliance

Prone to migraines? Bruxism or teeth clenching could be the cause, and an NTI appliance could be the cure. An NTI appliance works to suppress clenching!  

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Removable Dental Appliances

If you have missing teeth, TMJ or snore, you could benefit from a removable dental appliance, such as a night guard. Find out what types of removable dental appliances are available.

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Silent Nite®

A good night's rest may seem like a luxury if you sleep with someone who snores. But with the Silent Nite oral appliance you and your loved one can finally sleep in peace.

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SomnoMed, a leader in obstructive sleep apnea treatment, makes the SomnoDent  snoring mouthpiece. This custom-fit oral appliance is the comfortable alternative to CPAP treatment.

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