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Dental Anatomy

Alveolar Bone

Ever wonder how your teeth stay put? It's because of the alveolar bone. The alveolar bone provides an anchor for teeth to attach to our upper and lower jaws.

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Baby Teeth

About 30 percent of orthodontics cases are caused by a premature loss of baby teeth. How you care for your child's baby teeth early on will affect their smile in the future.

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You've heard that calcium is good for your teeth and bones, but it can help prevent the need for gum disease treatment, too. So how much calcium do you actually need? Read more to find out.

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Cementum is a hard layer of tissue that helps the periodontal ligament attach firmly to a tooth. Learn more about the important role cementum plays in your dental health.

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Cuspid teeth are instantly recognizable: They're the pointy ones that look like fangs. In addition to tearing food, cuspid teeth help ensure that our bites align properly.

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Deciduous Teeth

You can call your infant's teeth baby teeth or deciduous teeth. If you can't decide, there's no need to make up your mind yet: deciduous teeth don't start falling out until the age of 6.

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Dentyne gum probably took its name from dentin, the bone-like substance that teeth are made of. Unlike tooth enamel, which is white in color, dentin is yellow.

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Something eating away at you? Chips, tooth stains or cavities on incisor teeth can really put a damper on your lifestyle. Learn more about incisors and the risks they may face.

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Molars are our largest teeth and we have plenty of them! Used for chewing, molars are good at trapping food in their crevices; extra special dental care of them is required.

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Permanent Teeth

Your permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime. This second and final set of teeth will not grow back, so here's what to do if you've got missing or loose permanent teeth.

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Primary Teeth

Those two little baby teeth that make a baby's smile so precious are called primary teeth. As cute as they are, primary teeth do require special dental care.

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Pulp Chamber

Pulp chambers are like a tooth's control center. Filled with tissue, blood vessels and nerves, pulp chambers send signals of pain discomfort and sensitivity.

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Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is the tough, protective layer that covers your teeth -- but once it's lost, it doesn't grow back. Learn how to protect yourself from tooth erosion and keep your enamel strong and healthy.

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