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Cold Sores Video Dental Tip

Cold sores can be a real nuisance! But with the right cold sore information, you can learn how to keep them under control. Watch this video for useful tips.

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Can't See the Video? Here's the Transcription:

Fred Joyal: Cold sores which normally appear on the lips and face are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. They flare up occasionally and they form blisters. And usually those blisters weep some liquid and then eventually dry up and form scabs and then they eventually go away.

The virus will stay in your system. They are when present highly contagious, so it's important to not be kissing or sharing towels, touching them and touching other people. Highly contagious and therefore be very careful with them.

There is really a treatment for them that only eases the discomfort, but normally the treatment is to just let them run their course and let them scab up and eventually go away.